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Reiki South Fremantle Beaconsfield

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Learn what to expect during an Energy Healing session here.

Return to your naturally balanced and calm self

through Energy Healing (Reiki) & chakra healing.

Energy Healing (with massage)

This rare, yet, a speciality of 3 Deep Breaths is to treat your body and spirit with utmost healing energy to help you rejuvenate all parts of your being.

45 minutes$70
75 minutes$90
90 Minutes$110

Reiki (standard)

You lay on the massage table, fully clothed, and begin to relax as our therapist waves magic healing energy around your body. This is how you create clean energetic flow within your chakras.

45 minutes$60
75 minutes$80
90 minutes$100

Reiki (with Counselling)

Discover which of your chakras are blocked and how they affect your every day living. Your therapist will place healing hands around you and discuss anything that presents itself during your healing session.

90 minutes (Introductory offer)$110

“I wish I could express the positive effects of Reiki.

3 Deep Breaths knew what my body and mind needed to heal itself. Forever grateful.”

— S. Roundtree

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