Meet Ali, your Yoga Teacher (and permanent Yoga student), confidante, safety officer, pretzel manager, menopausal peacemaker, Fibromyalgic warrior and all round wannabe hippie. Ali has practiced yoga for 25 years and recently studied in India to become (practically) your very own personal Yoga Teacher.

Yoga is not about being flexible.

Every intimate class will have you feeling zen, along with being healthy in mind and body.

YOGA – Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin/Chair

All classes are creatively choreographed using a mix of Hatha (slow and gentle movement, holding poses without strain, less stress on the body, a good mood leveller) and Vinyasa (faster paced, great for strength and fitness as well as mind-body connection).

Other options for the less able bodied are Yin (holding poses for 2-5 mins, very gentle on every body part) and Chair (very minimal stress on the body, slowly building strength).


A 4 week introduction into the basic poses to prepare you for any future classes. As class sizes are a cosy 4 people only, you can show up any way you like and not be judged, you’ll receive undivided teacher attention to help you master each pose correctly and safely, a personalised approach to your needs, accepting and positive environment and making new connections.

Calming / Destress

With all that’s been going on this year alone, who doesn’t need to chill out?! Mostly a mix of Hatha / Yin slow and gentle poses. Perfect for those that need to slow down mentally and physically. Don’t be fooled that this will be an easy class though, although poses are gentle you will be holding them for a while.

Chakra Balancing

Maybe you don’t realise that you most likely have physical ailments due to imbalances in your chakras. This is a 7 week course where you are sent on a journey of self discovery – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Classes are a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.

Chair Yoga

If you’re not into pretending you’re a pretzel and may be on a weight loss, strengthening, recovery process, or, even better, one of our wise elders – these chair yoga classes will have you feeling like you exercised without evil joint pain. Also a great option for fellow Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue sufferers.

Menopause help

Since the ripe young age of 44, Ali (your teacher) has been transitioning into an adult (or something like that) and has found that Yoga with specific Pranayama (breath) has helped with irritability, sleeplessness, hot flashes associated with ‘The Change’. Classes have been created for women that require a little added help with the mind and body.

Highly recommended is incorporating Yoga with Meditation.

Having attended some of Ali’s Park Yoga classes for chakra balancing, my partner and I felt so much more relaxed. Like never before. We were even given poses to practice with each other outside of class to help with certain ailments.”

J. Brown

At 3 Deep Breaths, we offer you many options to help you create inner bliss.

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