“All I want is a clear mind and a happy heart.”

Have you ever felt that Meditation wasn’t for you?

Allow 3 Deep Breaths to change your mind. Join us for a 4 week Meditation journey that will prove to you that there are many different forms of meditation other than folding up like a camping chair and staying silent for hours.

We embrace absolute beginners to meditation in our classes, so check the Book Now button below on your chosen meditation.

We offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because we are so confident you will find a meditation that works for you.*

Learn Meditation

A 4 week course (1 day per week) gives you the opportunity to learn different techniques and go home with the one that agrees with you most.

Bookings essential as classes are small (6-8 people only)

Investment for your mental health only $90

Weekly Meditation

For those that have previously meditated, we have weekly offerings that you can join. We recommend trying our 4 week meditation journey to see if you’d enjoy future classes.

Bookings essential as classes are small (6-8 people only)

Book a 4 week block – Investment only $70

Drop-in classes $20

Walking Photography Meditation

Every Saturday morning at 8am join us at Point Walter for an hour of walking meditation.

Class is donation based & open to everybody.

Chronic Pain Meditation

A fortnightly gathering of injured souls that will benefit from the healing effects of meditation. Especially those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.

Classes are free

3 Deep breaths yoga and meditation classes are created for real people. I feel like part of the family in the classes and never feel judged. I will continue to attend the classes because I always leave in a blissfully calm state that has long lasting effects.” – C. Brodie

meditating with candles and incense

At 3 Deep Breaths we are so confident that you will benefit from our 4 week meditation class that we offer a full refund* if you don’t enjoy any of the classes.

*Money back guarantee only on 4 week pre-paid beginner meditation classe

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