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Ayurveda = Life Science

Haven’t tried an Ayurvedic style massage yet? It’s a must! Have a look below for the many styles of massage that Ayurveda has to offer – along with the benefits. 3DB Massage Bicton will enhance your wellbeing.

You deserve to live a long, healthy and wealthy life.

3DB intuitive massage


Allow your therapist to intuitively work through your body physically and energetically to ensure you leave the table feeling as though you are filled with healing divine light.

Ayurvedic Options

Relaxation Massage

Full body bliss purely to destress, create inner calm and prove your undying love for yourself.

Reiki Massage

A full body balancing and relaxing Massage blended with Reiki healing.

Head Massage

More nerve endings that will have your head swooning.

Intensive Massage

A stronger massage intended to help with aches and pains.

Marma Massage

The massage which hits 108 secret energy points to revive and rejuvenate.

Foot Massage

All those wonderful nerve endings need attention to help you feel fantastic.

Face Massage

What better way to prove you’re still young than to give your face some massage love.

Pain Relief Massage

A gentle relaxing massage for chronic pain sufferers or a strong massage for sports aches.

jade rollers

Have you ever met a masseuse that was naturally gifted? If not, I recommend testing Ali’s skills immediately. You will float out of the room.

L. Margot

I love visiting 3 Deep Breaths for massages. I don’t leave the place marinated in oil, I leave on a pillow of bliss. Thank you for always destressing me.

P. Shaw

Let us reduce your heart rate & increase your bliss.

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