My guess, if you are reading this article, is that you have most likely heard a murmur about Reiki or Energy Healing or Vibrational Healing. Am I correct in this assumption?


Before I go into detail about what Energy Healing / Reiki / Vibrational Healing is, let’s discuss WHY you most likely need a healing first. Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths


Let’s assume you’re currently in pain. This pain is physical in appearance at present. This pain is causing you not only discomfort, but emotional anguish because you can’t do the things you used to do… or this pain is forcing you to find new ways of doing things.

It could be as simple as having to wear glasses for reading, to being unable to open your own jars, to having radiation therapy. There are many ailments that help us look at our lives differently to what we have in the past.

Searching a little deeper into why life changes is a good thing. Trust me.

Whatever the disorder, although it may not appear to be fun at the time, you’re going to grow from this experience if you look at it positively. I can feel your eyes rolling from here… “Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all before.”

What if you could recognise where your chronic headaches began, or why your Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyialgia started and how you could possibly reduce the affects – emotionally, physically and spiritually? Seriously, how does that sound to you? Say it aloud.

Energy Healers like Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths don’t claim to be able to reverse terminal cancer, but they sure can make your transition a hell of a lot easier to deal with during this, and any unpleasant other, health concern.

Are you aware that a majority of our physical ailments arise from emotional pain? Yes, this has been scientifically studied. 

“Emotions are integral to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of persistent pain. Research should clarify when to eliminate or attenuate negative emotions, and when to access, experience, and express them. Theory and practice should integrate emotion into cognitive-behavioural models of persistent pain.” 

Lumley MA, Cohen JL, Borszcz GS, et al. Pain and emotion: a biopsychosocial review of recent research. J Clin Psychol. 2011;67(9):942-968. doi:10.1002/jclp.20816

If you are interested in reading further on this backed theory click here.

3 deep breaths energy healing
3DB energy healing South Fremantle


This is an important query. Not all Reiki / Energy Healers / Vibrational Healers are created equal, nor do they offer the same therapies. Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths

My suggestion is, obviously, to research. Ask around. Read reviews. This is straightforward and I think we all do that now. In addition, my recommendation is that you sit quietly and listen to your gut instinct about the Energy Healer you’re interested in. Are there any alarm bells internally? Or do you feel discomfort anywhere in your body? Then I suggest not going to that one.

Trust your inner voice. Feel what physically comes up for you when you are looking at an Energy Healer’s photo or reading their Biography. Is there tension in the neck, shoulders, belly or jaw? Or is there a sense of “Aaaaaaah” (calmness and knowing this is right)?

  • Choose someone that instantly makes you feel calm, because this calmness is a major part of the Energy Healing process.

Reading “What to expect” during Reiki / Energy Healing / Vibrational Healing below will help you decide whether this style of treatment is correct for you.


You are correct in thinking that an Energy Healing is an Alternative Therapy. The best part about alternative therapies is that you can use them with any mainstream remedies. Energy Healing will not cause any issue with your Doctor’s treatment.

Some practitioners offer a hands-on approach, whilst others offer hands off or even distant (perfect for chaotic Covid times). Some will read chakras and auras. Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong – these are all energy healing modalities. There’s not a one size fits all within this realm.

Energy Healing / Reiki / Vibrational Healing therapy will work through and unblock your energy centres (Chakras) and/or your Auric field and are the most sought after ways of healing past, present and future dis-eases.

You’ve most likely heard of Reiki these days as it is increasingly popular. How Reiki works is;  the client (you) will be seated or laying comfortably in a semi-meditative state, with the practitioner placing hands (with attuned energy) over specific points throughout your body.

Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths

3 deep breaths energy healing
3DB Energy Healing South Fremantle


Expect nothing! 

However, during your research phase of locating the right Energy Healer for you, you will have read up on what your therapist specialises in. Forecast a bit of that then.

At Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths you may experience tingling in your extremities; there may be a sense of someone being beside you or even a touch from something other than your Energy Healer; you could feel heat or even cold in places – especially those areas that require the healer’s attention the most.

Your Energy Healer will guide you through the process of when your ailment began, why it began and what you can do to help reduce the current side-effects of your issue.

*** Overall, expect to be sent into a deep state of relaxation. After your Energy Healing, anticipate less pain – emotionally and physically. ***

It’s important to realise that you are the major part of the healing process, so you have to do the inner work (as advised by your Energy Healer) to help reduce your symptoms and emotional anguish.

If nothing else, you will come away from an Energy Healing session feeling zen, relaxed, calm – nonetheless, brace yourself for much, MUCH more than you could ever imagine.

You can give Ropana’s Energy Healing a trial for FREE by booking our weekly online healing sessions here.

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3DB Energy Healing South Fremantle

What is at the core of your chronic pain??

Is your initial response “There’s no core to my pain, I’m really unwell.”? Then this 3 Deep Breaths Holistic Blog is specifically directed to you.

I don’t want you to think that there’s no care or compassion for you involved here, however, please believe me when I tell you that there’s more than likely a trauma that caused your ailment(s).

This blog will take a holistic approach to chronic illness, mental agony, emotional misery and physical discomfort.

3 deep breaths Chronic pain

  • I was a sufferer of Fibromyalgia so I completely understand chronic pain, feeling trapped and coming out of a pharmaceutical haze to discover where my traumas caused my illnesses. – Ali

What is pain?

Pain is a sensation.

Tissues are usually the cause of this unpleasant sensation. Sensations can be brief or long-term, large or small, and they often have emotional side-effects. Even our emotions create physical pain. Especially chronic pain.

According to Pain Australia there are 3 main categories of pain:

Acute pain: This is the type of pain that is relatively short lived.

Chronic pain: This pain lasts much longer and can be caused by trauma of the physical or emotional kind.

Cancer: The pain from cancer can be in the beginning of cell growth through to permanent after affects post-treatment.

Maybe the agony you feel isn’t actually yours. Did you know that there is now scientific evidence of our ancestors afflictions being transferred through to our DNA?

The main issue here is that you are feeling such a gross sensation that it’s causing you grief. Wouldn’t you like to change that? Without drugs?

You can read my story here.

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Why you?

This is a tough question.

Perhaps there’s some past karma that you need to work through.

Maybe there’s ancestral trauma which carried through the caps of your DNA – Telomeres. These guys are super interesting! They’re the plugs that protect your chromosomes and when these fray or erode they can spark DNA dissolution and chromosome anomalies. And when that happens, we become aged or ill. NICABM has an interesting read about Telomeres if you’d like to know more about how our ancestors and their suffering affects us.

“..studies suggest that stressors experienced by parents affect the longevity of their offspring”

Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue 1, 10 January 2019, Pages 283–298

Did you know that humans are actually built to live until we are 120 years old? These handy little telomeres are also in charge of our longevity – however, they are easily frayed due to stress. Stress of the environmental, physical and emotional kind.

In addition, what we think we can blame for our irritating problems may be something we can change through means other than the “conventional’ western methods. Firstly, it’s a good idea to look at ourselves and our reactions.

Chronic pain 3 deep breaths blog

Is your pain trauma related?

Simply: Yes. Trauma is a response to a deeply disturbing or stressful incident where we feel engulfed with an inability to cope.

Trauma can be a one time stressful event or ongoing, relentless pressure. Situations like loss of someone close, surgery, breakups, inhumanity from others – they are all triggers that reduce our sense of safety.

What does trauma mean for you though?

  • How often have you considered yourself treated poorly by others?
  • Do you feel as though you struggle with upsetting emotions, memories, anxiety or depression?
  • Are you easily upset at some things and not others and unsure why?
  • Are there phobias that you’ve accumulated or inherited?

Any significant affliction can cause you to lose your perception of security, therefore generating emotional, physical and/or psychological anguish = chronic pain. This doesn’t have to continue to be your story forever. Whatever the origin, trust me when I tell you, that you can internally work past the impact (whether physical, emotional or spiritual) to have a healthier and happier life.

In other words, answers to the questions above don’t really matter because they are all traumas. Traumas that you (and most likely others) have had to deal with. There’s no big or small, there’s simply trauma.

white and gray stone on brown wooden table

Do you TRULY want to break the cycle?

I’m pretty sure that nobody actually enjoys chronic pain – feeling emotional, anxious, depressed etc but we can easily get caught up in that victim mentality and find it difficult and too tiring to escape.

  • At the risk of sounding heartless; YOU, and only you, are responsible for your health and overall wellbeing. Why would you trust someone else to look after your health when you know yourself best? If you are reading this, you are already on the correct path to really getting to know who you are, why you are this way and what you want to change.

In addition, there are karmic cycles we most likely need to change by deeply dealing with our own emotions. This will become a whole separate blog because there’s much more to our emotions than meets the (third) eye.

Do you want to learn how to let go of unconscious stress/trauma/pain? Are you interested in delving deeper into the real you? Are you tired of GP’s only offering you pharmaceutical solutions? Click here for a free report to begin your healing journey.

What chronic pain / ailments are you tired of?

Welcome to 3DB’s self healing studio

Self healing is the answer.

I really wanted the first 3 Deep Breaths blog post to be super profound. However, I’m not sure there’s anyone out there reading this as yet, so I can dribble a whole lot of nothingness. Just as long as it looks pretty and I have all the correct SEO words in place, this should work fine.

Yup, I’m an Empath

How about starting with learning that I’m an empath mid way through life. I think this empath discovery became apparent when I was around 42 and I have been building on this exceptional quality ever since.

I always thought I was “too sensitive”. Turns out that is actually a blessing – especially once you learn how NOT to take on other people’s energy.

Because of this sensitivity I am able to feel what other people are experiencing and this is what started me on this journey of wanting to help others. I don’t mean creating a money making machine. This has been a long time, internal calling.

crop woman with heart on palms
3DB Self healing love and compassion

When I was littler

When I was 15, I decided that I wanted to be a psychologist. It was my neurologist (for epilepsy) that convinced me that psychology wasn’t meant for someone with my brain. So we decided that accounting was a much better field. BLAH!!

Then, I recall back in my early 20’s, standing on a friend’s Mum’s balcony stating that I was going to heal the world, or go volunteer in places that needed it most. That longing has stuck with me ever since that life-altering epiphany.

Initially I thought I would help animals. I still will. However, now, especially with this Covid craziness, I think humans require the most direction. And once we help humans to self heal then we can direct that positive energy towards the beasties.

Self healing at 3 deep breaths Bicton
Holistic counselling & self healing

The Holistic approach

This help I speak of comes in the form of an Holistic approach to discovering your true self and healing any ailments that (most likely) have begun due to past traumas.

How do I know this? Well, firstly, I was sick… very sick. But I refused to settle for the remainder of my existence being confined to my bed or house, so I looked at every possible angle I could. Natural therapies ended up beating western medicine, hands down. You can read about my self healing journey here.

As it turns out, my illness started from extreme stress. I can’t blame anyone but myself, really. The situations involved others, but it was my lack of self care and compassion that led me down a very dark path.

How you benefit

It’s with this knowledge that I come back to you offering unconditional love and compassion. And will do my absolute best to help you find yourself, your self love, your forgiveness and help remove any ailments you may have collected along the way.

Prepare to be dazzled with Holistic Counselling, Reiki, Intuitive Massage, Yoga, and Meditation.

If someone has actually read this, I truly am grateful.

This is just the beginning….


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