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Self healing is the answer.

I really wanted the first 3 Deep Breaths blog post to be super profound. However, I’m not sure there’s anyone out there reading this as yet, so I can dribble a whole lot of nothingness. Just as long as it looks pretty and I have all the correct SEO words in place, this should work fine.

Yup, I’m an Empath

How about starting with learning that I’m an empath mid way through life. I think this empath discovery became apparent when I was around 42 and I have been building on this exceptional quality ever since.

I always thought I was “too sensitive”. Turns out that is actually a blessing – especially once you learn how NOT to take on other people’s energy.

Because of this sensitivity I am able to feel what other people are experiencing and this is what started me on this journey of wanting to help others. I don’t mean creating a money making machine. This has been a long time, internal calling.

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3DB Self healing love and compassion

When I was littler

When I was 15, I decided that I wanted to be a psychologist. It was my neurologist (for epilepsy) that convinced me that psychology wasn’t meant for someone with my brain. So we decided that accounting was a much better field. BLAH!!

Then, I recall back in my early 20’s, standing on a friend’s Mum’s balcony stating that I was going to heal the world, or go volunteer in places that needed it most. That longing has stuck with me ever since that life-altering epiphany.

Initially I thought I would help animals. I still will. However, now, especially with this Covid craziness, I think humans require the most direction. And once we help humans to self heal then we can direct that positive energy towards the beasties.

Self healing at 3 deep breaths Bicton
Holistic counselling & self healing

The Holistic approach

This help I speak of comes in the form of an Holistic approach to discovering your true self and healing any ailments that (most likely) have begun due to past traumas.

How do I know this? Well, firstly, I was sick… very sick. But I refused to settle for the remainder of my existence being confined to my bed or house, so I looked at every possible angle I could. Natural therapies ended up beating western medicine, hands down. You can read about my self healing journey here.

As it turns out, my illness started from extreme stress. I can’t blame anyone but myself, really. The situations involved others, but it was my lack of self care and compassion that led me down a very dark path.

How you benefit

It’s with this knowledge that I come back to you offering unconditional love and compassion. And will do my absolute best to help you find yourself, your self love, your forgiveness and help remove any ailments you may have collected along the way.

Prepare to be dazzled with Holistic Counselling, Reiki, Intuitive Massage, Yoga, and Meditation.

If someone has actually read this, I truly am grateful.

This is just the beginning….


  1. Hi Elizabeth, We are located in Bicton, WA. Just beside East Fremantle.

  2. Elizabeth Sibon on Yoga

    Where is 3 deep breaths located.

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