What do you need?

Healing. Massage. Reiki. Counselling. Yoga. Meditation.

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What we can do for you

How are you feeling?

Do you feel a tad out of sorts? A bit down? Slightly lost?

3 Deep Breaths is the place you go to when you’re not sure what it is you need. We offer you space to be you, to talk without judgement, to learn about yourself and to self-heal.

Are we a mentoring place? Yes.

Do we counsel lost souls? Absolutely.

Should you look to us for energy healing & chakra balancing? Most definitely!

Do you want to try our Yoga and Meditation classes? Please, yes.

We even have a massage room for you!

Do you want to discover what you need?


Energy Healing

Fill in our questionnaire to find out where you may have blockages – which end up appearing as physical dis-eases.

Perhaps you require guidance.. or maybe you’re just not quite sure. Our energy healings will have you feeling super calm at a minimum.

Holistic Counselling

Wouldn’t you like to try a more self-focussed approach to counselling?

Did you know that your physical ailments come from mental fluctuations?

Wouldn’t you like to be heard, without judgement and to be able to move past some parts of yourself that require healing?

Yoga & Meditation

These two need no introduction.

However, if you would like to try classes with a difference, click the button below.

From Hormonal help to chakra balancing to yoga in pairs, and plenty of other goodies in between, we’ll have some fun classes for you to join.


I only need to turn up to the healing room and I’m already feeling the calm. And after the session, my whole life feels in order and I’m confident enough to deal with every day stressors. Thank you.

— Linda. P.

Wow! I am definitely coming back for one of those energy healing massages. Possibly the best I’ve ever had.

— Tracy. W.



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